How to Buy then sell Original Content On the internet

I need original articles for my site or blog but don't have the time and energy to write it, how can i obtain it? Can someone else do this for me? How much could it cost? These questions are often thought about when beginning a new internet site and you need to be in a position to provide your online visitors something.

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The need for unique article content has become one factor in order to achieve better ranking within a online search engine. "Content is king!" which is a popular phrase or topic all over the net when talking about search engine ranking.

This need to get recognized by search engines has spawned a brand new variety of writers and marketers that concentrate on delivering variable cost articles on almost any number of topics as well as the amount of words they produce per article. Today when attracting targeted traffic towards your sites you need to have good quality content articles on the subject matters that you desire. Not only does it help with links for your site and ranking but also will help keep your regular readers interested and returning to get more.

There are numerous ways to buy articles either written for you or already pre-existing, some include:

- Forums

- Sites that Auction articles

- Sites that sell Articles

- Professional Individuals

- Private Labelling Rights


Forums is usually a good source to purchase articles, of course, if the seller is good and is serious about the quality of what they sell, it's going to be quickly acknowledged and commented on, really the only downside is that often you are unable to view what you're buying so that you can possibly be buying blind. There are a large number of forums out there that allow this type of content trade which is quite easy to find one with a basic search.

Sites that Auction Content

The ability to auction off content articles are engaging as this allows the buyers to compete to get that right article as well as get it at a low price. One site which was found was This site offers a list of its articles to auctioned and allows the buyer to review the article in full (as an image) make bids, rate the article and it also has a buy now feature. For writers the site allows the use of a article verification service to be certain that the content is unique. There is information that the potential buyer can use and a rating system.

Sites that Sell Articles

There is an increasing number of these websites becoming popular. Many of these sites provide potential buyer a sample of the text, a license type to go with it plus some information about the author. The most common site constant content for this type of article sales. The site also offers services like protecting the text from copy and paste when reviewing the article available for sale and offering verification services for completely unique content.

Professional Individuals

There are many people out there that write articles and / or produce any content for a fee. These professionals need to be able to continually produce high quality content as its their business. it's always a good idea to check out via a quick google search a few of the writers sites, as most often they will have demonstrations of their work and their prices. Some sites offer price breaks, so the more articles you would like written the cheaper it gets for each article.

PLR Articles

When searching the web to purchase articles you will most likely run into something called "PLR articles" which means private labelling rights. Usually when this type of content is bought it can be used on a website in whatever way you like. Some have different licenses attached to them and it is often a good idea to read through the license before buying this type of pre-fabricated content material. In case you are serious about having completely unique content this approach will not suit you, as its continually being bought, displayed on web sites and search engines will recognize it as duplicate content and potentially hurt your efforts for getting noticed.

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